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Use the latest Tools and Technologies

Throughout the course you will learn how to use the latest development tools to help speed up and optimize the WordPress theme development process. This includes Sass, Gulp, Bower, and other various online tools and libraries.

Follow the Video Lessons

This course includes video lessons that go step-by-step through the whole theme development process. You can follow along as we take a bare-bones starter theme and integrate Material Design throughout the WordPress components.

All the lessons will be using the latest tools and technologies to help speed up development and optimize our code. This will make sure our finished product is lean, mean, and cross-browser friendly.

Is this course is for you?

If you are interested in WordPress theme development and like using and learning the latest online tools, this course should be right up your alley!

Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the lessons that will be covered in this FREE WordPress development course.

  • Download the Sassified version of
  • Install node packages and configure a gulpfile.js
  • Add Material Design Lite with Bower
  • Customize our theme files to use the Material Design grid
  • Setup and push our code to a GitHub repository
  • Use a custom Walker class to add the Material Design drawer and main navigation
  • Add the Material Design Icons
  • Introduction into overriding the Material Design Sass default values
  • Styling the WordPress components to look like Material Design

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